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to work. i do. i have spoken about it all over the country. i will help the american farmer, our economy and get america working. >>reporter: he said that policies the president want to pursue would hurt people this this part of the country. >>shepard: on issues, what are farmers say is at the top of the list? >>reporter: the big one is the estate tax. governor romney says he would repeal the estate tax if he becomes president. president obama would allow it to rise. the other big one is regulation. remember all of the hand wringing over the rumors the epa wanted to regulate farm dust? the labor department is looking at a rule to limit the amount of work that children under the age of 18 can do on farms. governor romney promised in his administration it would be different. >> you have to have regulation. you need regulation for markets to work effectively. i am going to cut back on regulation and put a cap on regulation. any new major regulation will have to be approved by congress. i'm not letting the politician off the hook. >>reporter: governor romney has been telling personal stories
of the economy, they are willing to wage that battle. >> four years ago i told you i would end the war in iraq. we did. i said i would end the war in afghanistan. we are. i said we would focus on the people who actually attacked us on 9/11. today, osama bin laden is no more. >>reporter: interesting it was four years ago that then young senator obama was facing the same questions governor romney is now about whether he had a fitness to be commander in chief. he was facing the questions not just from republicans in 2008 but from democrats and his own v.p. nominee biden who said before the 2008 election, at some point, he will be tested as a young commander in chief. they believe inside the white house he has passed that test. >>shepard: the attack on the consequence last left the president on the defensive. >> in doubt there is a vulnerability for the president on foreign policy because of what happened in benghazi. that is why mitt romney sees an opening. and our latest polling this month, it shows on the question of who do you trust more to handle foreign policy, the president is leading 52 pe
is going back to the economy, pushing hard on jobs and the idea that the obama record ask not deserve re-election as he has been saying now since the convention, saying the country cannot afor another four more years of this. >>shepard: thank you, carl cameron coming from delaware, ohio. >>shepard: this is on the east of the first and only scheduled vice presidential debate with less than a month until the election. polls are tightening. the stakes are high. vice president biden under pressure to reverse the momentum after the lack of president obama's performance and the v.p. has decades of experience and he has had some great debates. youtube, google it, look it up. but he has the reputation for gaffes which makes it great. paul ryan, owns has lots of different specific positions but he hasn't mentioned them the maybe he will capitalize on the momentum tomorrow. he made a name for himself in congress but is a newcomer to the national stage. with us now is a former consultant on president obama's campaign back in 2008 and a republican minority leader and new jersey state assemblyman. it
that the economy is on the rebound. foreclosures have plummeted to the lowest level in several years. >>shepard: president obama is in floridaed if talking about taxes and talking about "don't ask, don't tell" and now talking about governor romney. >> it is not just the communities in the midwest but vital for our entire economy, something that every american can be proud of. today, four years after the worst economic crisis of our lifetime we are moving forward. after losing 800,000 jobs the month i was sworn to our businesses have now added five million new jobs over the past 2 1/2 yours. the unemployment rate has fallen from a height of 8 percent to 7.8 percent. more americans are getting jobs and manufacturing is coming back. home values are on the rise. we know we're not where we need to be. not yet. that is especially true in places like florida that were so hard hit. we still have too many friends and neighbors who are looking for work. we have too man family whose can't pay the bills too many homes that are still underwater, too many young people still burdened with debt when they gradu
, how does it wor tabo.eaire >> stimulating the economy, the president has not laid out his plan and they are saying, why doesn't governor romney lay out hisplan. he has done it over and ovend h tedutcug rd >> i would rr ben t side of momentum. >> if you are driving across the country and you say you will do it in 15 years can you not do that unless you speed. that is what mitt romney is sayi >>shd:y saey ll tutit h ld. stands to reason that the american people would go, you should tell us how but they are not going to. >>guest: i think we will hear it from the vice predent. wdov il >>shepard: all right guys, john, john, everyone is john today. we will be in kentucky tomorrow. i will miss the fox report welthrheufuse we have to fly. mo aios i o e dc nrkanet baier and megyn will host it on the news channel, going a few minutes before hanny's time ot the f sldaw elarak tith cost the government hundreds of millions. wait, wait, wait, cost the government? what they really mean is, it cost the people. so if wells fargo paid hundreds of millions in fne are ty pe?ng toive ttack t ouini
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)